Sorrento coast

Sorrento coast Why you should choose Sorrento

Civil Wedding – Sorrento Town Hall (photo con sposi) Museo Correale (photo con sposi) Villa Fondi (photo con sposi)

Religious Wedding – Chiostro San Francesco (photo con sposi) Chiese di Sorrento

Your reasons to choose Sorrento

  • The peninsula hosts picturesque ocean views which are unbelievably photogenic
  • An array of Citrus and orange orchards creating fresh citrus colors 
  • Breathtaking view of the golf of Naples mount Vesuvius and the Islands if Ischia and Procida 

This area of Italy is suspended between the green hills and the crystal blue of the sea, is a great attraction of the southern Italy and one of the most popular destinations of the entire region. It is also notarial  for Italian visitors, so it maintains its traditional touch and southern cuisine, perfect for enticing your guests.

Sorrento for as long as we can remember has exercised a particular charm which has attracted poets and literary men, musicians, photographers, directors Among the famous visitors of Sorrento we can remember also Enrico Caruso, Giacomo Casanova, Scipione Breislak, Marion Crawford, Charles Dickens, Helman Melvill, Friedtich Nietzche ed Axel Munthe.

Many couples are choosing Sorrento for their special day as they want enjoy its beauty and atmosphere. This coasting town was in fact included in the eighteenth century among the main destinations of the Ground Tour, a journey among the most significant Italian cities, that was made by the foreign intellectuals who wanted to study in depth the Italian history, art and culture.

Being experts of photography on this enchanting peninsula we can ensure you will create the wedding album you have always dreamed of.