Amalfi Why you should choose Amalfi

Civil Wedding- Amalfi Town Hall (photo con sposi)

Religious Wedding- Duomo di Amalfi Cathedral of Sant’Andrea

Why get married in Amalfi

  • King of the attractive rugged coastline visible for miles amazing for taking unique spectacular photography
  • Italian style and a real sense of southern hospitality so you don’t have to worry about your guests
  • Stunning coastal location helping you get the most out of your wedding photos
  • Spectacular Mediterranean blue sea to enjoy

The name itself reviles it’s beauty as Amalfi has its very own coastline, which is second to none, If you have ever dreamt about the perfect Wedding Location, you have certainly dreamed of Getting Married in Amalfi

Located in the middle of the town you will find white houses clinged on the rocks facing Saint Andrew Church. The walk to the Cathedral has 57 steps making an exception scene for amazing pictures

At the seaside, you can discover an array of old buildings such as the monastry of 'S.Benedetto' which is  Amalfi’s Municipality.

So many Weddings are being Celebrated in Amalfi every year due to its special natural beauty and welcoming climate.

Being experts of photography in this special town we can ensure you will create the wedding album you have always dreamed of.